David Moldawer

In over a decade in content, I’ve helped creative companies take bold risks for growth without going off the rails. As an editor for prestigious book publishing houses in New York, I published New York Times bestsellers and spearheaded successful special projects to grow readership and attention, from industry-leading social media plays to a brand-new imprint.

I helped Amazon launch its controversial New York imprint, successful despite broad hostility across the retailing landscape. Then I engaged the world’s foremost business experts to inspire CreativeLive’s worldwide audience.

I’ve steered projects through the risky and unpredictable world of content while protecting relationships with talent, vendors, and customers (the part that often gets ignored in the rush).

I foster creativity on teams, manage talent, client, and customer relationships, and successfully execute big and ambitious projects (with big and ambitious egos involved) in the face of rapidly changing media environments, fickle audiences, and disruptive technologies.

I live with my wife, Samantha Hahn, and children in Brooklyn.

If we’ve worked together, let’s connect on LinkedIn. If we know each other, let’s connect on Facebook. Otherwise, follow me on Twitter.